Circular Economy

SESSION A7 / / 09:00 - 10:40
Circular Economy
Chair / Presidente: I. Williams (UK)

A. Bartl (AT)
The EU circular economy package: are new paths being taken or is it an old story?

E. Schmied, G. Obersteiner (AT)
Re-use in practical implementation. A long lasting case study in Austria with direct impact to circular economy

J. Slavík, K. Rybová (CZ)
Recycling behavior and its relevance in increasing the effectiveness of waste management strategies - The case study of the Czech Republic

M. Pamperl, P. Beigl, S. Salhofer (AT)
Secondary resource price as a key factor in the circular economy – Analysis of drivers of supply and demand within the recycling sector

K. Friedrich, S. Holzschuster, D. Vollprecht (AT)
Benchmark analysis for different recyclates in the Austrian waste management

C. Neculau, R. De Rijdt, E. Wille and the RAWFILL team (BE)
RAWFILL Project: innovative characterization of landfills and smart decision-making as part of the circular economy, through landfill mining operations

10:40 - 11:10 Coffee break