Waste Characterization II

SESSION A4 / CENTRAL HALL / 11:10 - 12:50
Waste Characterization II
Chair / Presidente: P. Hennebert (FR)

V.M.E. Edjabou, G. Faraca, A. Boldrin, T.F. Astup (DK)
Composition of municipal solid waste collected at household waste recycling centres

N.M. Mkhize, A. Khanyile, G. C. Caws, S.L. Nkomo (ZA)
Characterisation study of various disposable diaper brands

A. Gassner, T. Schwarzbock (AT)
Waste analysis in a refugee settlement in the West-Nile region of northern Uganda

J. Kumpiene, I. Carabante, I. Tjerngren, P. Peltola (SE)
Leaching properties of stabilized waste in a simulated deep storage environment