Waste Characterization I

SESSION A3 / CENTRAL HALL / 09:00 - 10:40
Waste Characterization I
Chair / Presidente: M. Van Praagh (SE)

P. Hennebert (FR)
Proposition of threshold for waste contaminated with Mercury (compounds) in application of the Minamata Convention on Mercury and impact assessment

G. Choi, K. Kim, S. Lee, W. Yang, J. Kang, T. Jeon, S. Shin (KR)
Evaluation of waste characteristics carried into incineration facility

B. Rahardyan, E. Binner (ID)
Applicability of single measurement oxitop for liquid samples (“BOD”-measurement) for solid waste bioreactivity determination

S. Coussy, G. Boissard, S. Belbèze, D. Guyonnet (FR)
French feedback on the use of inert waste landfill criteria for managing excavated soils