Policies and strategies in WM

SESSION A1 / CENTRAL HALL / 15:30 - 17:10
Policies and strategies in WM
Chair / Presidente: T. Astrup (DK)

M. Abis, S. Fiore, K. Kuchta (DE)
Assessment of municipal solid waste management in EU: the synergy between recycling and thermal treatments

A. Allesch, P. H. Brunner, M. Huber-Humer (AT)
Optimizing waste management systems based on material flow analysis

T. Tasaki, R. Inaba, K. Kawai, E. Kojima, R. Tajima, K. Suzuki, R. Kubota (JP)
Waste management in the era of population decrease and aging

P.F. Albizzati, D. Tonini, T. F. Astrup (DK)
Sustainability assessment of the management of second generation biomass

H. Robinson (UK)
Politicians, the press and the public: can they give us sustainable waste management? (or, “lifestyle, lunacy, and landfills”)

17:10 - 17:40 Coffee break + Poster discussion