The following topics, among others, will be extensively discussed:

• Waste management policy and strategies
• Need for appropriate and updated legislation
• Public concern and education
• WM assessment and decision tools
• Producer responsability
• WM solutions for large cities
• Waste transport and collection
• Waste minimization and avoidance: large scale implementation
• Circular economy and realistic approach
• Final sink for residual waste
• Link between production and recycling operators
• Biological treatment and energy production
• Advances in composting and anaerobic technologies
• Biofuels from waste
• Thermal treatment and advanced technologies
• Sanitary landfilling
• Technologies (pre- and in situ treatment) for landfill sustainability
• Landfill mining
• Long term fate of landfill structures: rethinking the design
• Integrated wastewater and solid waste management
• WM and climate change
• Contaminants fate in materials recycling
• Nanotechnologies issues in WM
• Plastics littering: biodegradable plastics is the solution
• WM in developing and low income countries
• Design workshops for sustainable WM