The Sardinia Symposia were established in 1987 and rapidly became the Reference Forum in the field of Waste Management for the international community, where state of the art concepts, strategies and technologies are presented and experiences shared by leading scientists, administrators and practitioners. The Symposia favoured the development of innovation in the field: all new ideas and approaches applied worldwide in the last two decades were thoroughly debated and reviewed during the numerous workshop sessions in the Symposia, some of them purposely organized in cooperation with IWWG Task Groups.

The 2013 edition of the Symposium will be held in the traditional venue of the Forte Village Resort at S. Margherita di Pula (Cagliari, Italy) and is expected to register the participation of up to 1000 delegates from dozens of different countries worldwide. As per tradition it will focus on the advances of Waste Management science and technology, presenting case studies and discussing the main controversial subjects, sharing experiences among different countries, valuating social and economical balances.

The Symposium will include general oral presentations, specialized sessions and specific workshops for a total of eight parallel tracks, poster sessions and a number of parallel events. Before the start of the Symposium, training courses will be offered by IWWG. 
Organizations, associations and companies are traditionally welcome to have their internal meetings during the event, with the support of the Symposium secretariat.
coordinated by:

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with the scientific support of:

  • University of Padova

  • Tongji University

  • Technological University of Denmark

  • Fukuoka University

  • University of Central Florida

  • Hamburg University of Technology