Closing session

Chair / Presidente: Rainer Stegmann (DE)

A modern waste management is primarily addressed to solve the health issues associated to an improper and informal waste management. But release of emissions from waste collection, treatment and disposal, including recycling, are often worrying for potential health impacts. While possible occurrence of serious adverse effects when toxic waste are involved have been documented there is lack of evidence of health effects in populations living nearby municipal solid waste (MSW) management plants. Nevertheless there is in several countries a public opinion strongly adversing different kind of MSW treatment solutions. This is also the result of a lack of knowledge sharing and discussion between the different involved disciplines. Consequently the scientific communities miss to provide robust information on these issues leaving so far the communication to informal organizations and groups, which often spread emotional and uncontrolled news which might give raise to prejudices and scaremongering. 
This Round Table will try to focus on some questions: What is the state of art with the scientific research? How to better involve the scientific community in communicating to the public opinion? How to cooperate among the different disciplines involved in the waste and health issues?

Invited speakers:

Muhammed Alamgir, Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (BD)
Jim Bridges, University of Surrey (UK)
Willam Clarke, University of Queensland (AU)
Raffaello Cossu, University of Padova (IT)
Margherita Ferrante, University of Catania (IT)
Evangelos Gidarakos, Technical University of Crete (GR)
Tony Gladding, Open University (UK)
Paolo Russo, Italian Parliament (IT)
Rainer Stegmann, Technical University of Hamburg (DE)
Marco Vinceti, University of Modena-Reggio Emilia (IT)