Workshop: Environmental Crime Scene Analysis

Have you ever been into a crime scene? Would you like to be involved in the investigation of the case like a CSI? But which role does an environmental engineer play at a crime scene? This all depends on the case!

In groups, the participants will actively conduct the required procedures to investigate the scene of an environmental disaster, under the supervision of experts in forensic science. The activities will include: 

preliminary assessment of the incident / proper management of the crime scene area to avoid the contamination of evidence / sketching of the scene / creation of crime scene photographs and a photographic report / creation of examination notes / sample collection, evidence packaging and labelling and discussions about appropriate storage.

All the above information will be used by the crime scene team to develop the final technical report and help to interpret their findings.

Organised by: 
Claire Gwinnet, Staffordshire University (UK)
Alberto Pivato, Francesco Garbo, Giovanni Beggio, University of Padova (IT)
George K. Varghese, NIT - National Institute of Technology, Calicut (IN)