Prati Armati

Prati Armati srl is a Company that developed an innovative green technology called PRATI ARMATI® that uses deep rooting, perennial, non invasive, non GMO, locally native, seeds of herbaceous plants, able to contrast both water and wind soil erosion and desertification, on:

  • roadside, motorway and railway embankments
  • riversides
  • quarries, mines
  • landfill sites and sites affected by heavy-metal pollution

From more than 20 years we work for public administrations and private companies and so on, all over the world.


  • on any lithotypes (both SOIL and ROCKS) difficult or impossible to cover using traditional techniques (geocells, geonets, biomats, mulch, wood fiber bond matrix, plastic materials, topsoil, hydroseeding) even if strongly contaminated by heavy metals or added with lime up to 5%
  • at temperatures between - 40°C and +60°C
  • with pH range between 4 and 11


  • Increase of shear resistance and safety factor of soil
  • Reduction of water infiltration into the ground
  • Improvement of water removal from upper soil layers thanks to evapotranspiration

Not only we can stop erosion, but studies made by Universities and Research Organizations in geotechnical, geological, botanical, agronomic, energy fields, have demonstrated that this technology - if compared to traditional anti-erosion technologies - has an extraordinary potential in terms of technical, economic and environmental advantages, being:
1. A perennial anti-erosion solution
2. A zero-maintenance technique
3. Able to facilitate re-naturalization and ecological succession by incorporating any desired seed of flowers, shrubs or trees
4. Able to capture CO2 up to 400% more than common grassy plants
5. Capable to reduce, with respect to traditional techniques:

  • up to 100 times the weight of required materials
  • up to 10 times the energy requirements
  • up to 10 times polluting emissions (CO2 CO NOx SOx particulate)
  • on-site working times and site-related risks
  • up to 50% of economical costs


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