NEW TOPIC | Environmental Forensics

In recent years, the growing emphasis placed on environmental topics, with particular focus on pollution, legal responsibilities for the latter and effects on human health, has acted as a forerunner for the development of a new discipline: “Environmental Forensics”.

In the field of forensic disciplines, the area of environmental investigation is a highly specific uncharted territory, particularly in view of the complexity of cases of environmental pollution, which require a multidisciplinary approach and the input of highly specialized experts, including environmental scientists, engineers and legal specialists. Frequent investigations conducted to ascertain responsibility for contamination in the presence of landfills and other potential sources, run the risk of reaching an unsound conclusion if an over-simplified approach is applied.

This session aims to identify the newly-emerging challenges in the field, and to present the most advanced research studies, theories and case studies on the topic, creating a network of high profile specialists with a strong scientific multidisciplinary approach.

​Submit your abstract on Environmental Forensics applied to Waste Management and contaminated sites.