MORE for the planet

MORE FOR THE PLANET S.r.l has the business and ethical mission of promoting Clean Tech projects World Wide.

MORE is playing on a multi business multi country ground as the Planet is too small to take only a slice and because a global collective action is urgent; for that, MORE is acting with different customized roles, from promoter to developer, to technical advisor and partner depending on the specific business case and on the partnership structure.

The fundamental focus of MORE is in the selection criteria of the specific country and project opportunity, based on our long term expertise and reliable network of partners.

MORE is focused in regulated and emerging markets in Waste Management (both Municipal and Industrial) and in Renewable Energy with a specific core focus on a Circular Economy approach to Municipal Solid Waste to which we apply an holistic long term vision and business model.

Wherever there is a solid opportunity, MORE is there to take it and to commit for its success. MORE develops an innovative strategy for successful and sustainable projects implementation by select best practices in the specific Project and combining experience with solid investment capabilities and a concierge attitude to successfully interact with all stakeholders involved in the Project.

With its strategic industrial partner MORE is focused in developing and investing in front end integrated solutions based on the following technologies on: 

  • Bioreactor Landfill with Energy from Biogas/ Biomethans;
  • Landfill Mining with material and land recovery;
  • Mechanical Biological Treatment with SSF/RDF and material recovery;
  • Anaerobic Digestion with innovative fertiliser and electricity/bio-methane production;
  • Waste Combustion for electric energy and heat recovery.

In < 2 years of operations MORE, has selected a consistent set of > 100 Clean Tech initiatives: with a strong background, commitment and technological and financial network MORE is the ideal partner for investors and stakeholders which look for strategic reliable solutions in MSW truly sustainable  management.


Mojgan Heidari
Email: mojgan.heidari@morefortheplanet.com
Website: www.morefortheplanet.com