Mivanor AS offers innovative and high-quality solutions for treating industrial wastewater.

Mivanor is a full-range supplier of wastewater treatment, offering a range of different treatment products that are solutions to different kinds of wastewater challenges.
Their services are:

  • Analysis of the water to adjust the treatment according to the pollution problem
  • Design and engineering
  • Manufacture of treatment system
  • Installation and staff training
  • Operation support and service

The company was founded on a self-developed treatment method based on magnetism - a technology called Magnetic particle separation. After designing and delivering a solution for treating leachate from landfills, the team recognized that the same technology could be adapted to industrial wastewater from a variety of other industries.

The treatment system is called MivaMagTM and it is a combination of chemical and mechanical wastewater treatment. The MivaMagTM treatment solution removes environmental pollutants from industrial wastewater with magnetism. The treatment plant consists of the "two-in-one" system called Magnetic particle separation. The pollutants are removed from the water at the same time as the sludge is dewatered. This is done without the use of a filter or an extra dewatering unit. This results in a compact system with high capacity and cost-effective treatment.

In addition to MivaMagTM, Mivanor has developed various complementary water treatment products. They can be used in combination with the MivaMagTM or as a stand-alone solution for specific wastewater challenges.

Mivanor is ISO-certified in accordance with quality, health, safety and environmental standards.


Vikan Avfallsplass
8030 Bodø, Norway
Email: post@mivanor.no
Website: www.mivanor.no