Flue gas treatment

SESSION D6 / PANORAMA HALL 2 / 17:40 - 19:20
Flue gas treatment
Chair / Presidente: D. Chen (CN)

B. Zach, M. Šyc, M. Pohořelý, J. Moško, J. Brynda, Š. Václavková, K. Svoboda, M. Punčochář (CZ)
Removal of HCl and SO2 from flue gas on a small scale

X. T. Guo, L. J. Yin, J. Q. Xu, M. Q. Lu, Y. Y. Hu, D. Z. Chen (CN)
Study on competition between SO2 and HCl in wet flue gas deacidification

H. Zhang, L. M. Shao, P. J. He (CN)
Inhibiting formation of chlorobenzenes by NH4H2PO4 during incineration

S. Andersson, P. Lindgren (SE)
Upgrading flue gas treatment systems for the new waste incineration BREF