C&D waste - Properties

SESSION C14 / PANORAMA HALL / 17:40 - 19:20
C&D waste - Properties
Chair / Presidente: M. Pasetto (IT)

M. Abdulkareem, J. Havukainen, M. Horttanainen (FI)
Environmental assessment of alkali-activated mortars using different activators

O. Hjelmar, J. Hyks, T. Hougaard, S. Butera (DK)
Content and leachability of potentially problematic substances in recycled crushed concrete from demolition and renovation of Danish buildings

A. Kato, R. Ito, A. Matsuno, T. Uchimura, N. V. Tuan, H. G. Nguyen, K. Kawamoto (JP)
Water retention and gas transport characteristics of recycled graded roadbed materials blended with AAC grains

M.S. Al-Hwaiti, O.A. Al-Khashman, M.A. Al-Shaweesh, A. Al-Muhtaseb, J.A. Alhwarin (JO)
Improve the rheological properties and compressive strength of self-compacting concrete incorporating finest limestone quarry and finest iron slag, Jordan

S. Serranti, G. Capobianco, S. Malinconico, G. Bonifazi (IT)
Micro X-ray fluorescence imaging coupled with chemometrics to detect and classify asbestos fibers in demolition waste

S. Fucale, A. Farias, R. Volk (BR)
Use of construction and demolition waste in paving project: a sustainable alternative