HERAmbiente S.p.A.

HERAmbiente is Italy's leading company in the construction and operation of waste treatment plants, material and energy recovery, and waste disposal.
Founded in 2009 as part of Hera Group, the company is currently 25% owned by international funds Eiser and APG. HERAmbiente offers customised environmental services to companies through a dedicated commercial structure. Sustainability, environmental protection and investment in technological innovation ensure safe and effective solutions which are subject to transparent certification procedures.

•  6.4 million tonnes/year of waste treated
•  4.6 million tonnes/year of special waste treated 
•  91 waste disposal plants including 10 waste-to-energy plants
•  974 GWh of electricity generated/year
•  122 GWh of thermal energy produced/year

Registered Office:
Viale Carlo Berti Pichat n. 2/4
40127 Bologna, Italy
Tel. +39 051 287 111
Website: www.herambiente.it