Greece Guest Country

Since 2013 every edition of the Sardinia Symposium features a different Special Guest Country (SGC). As for this year, we are proud to announce that Greece has been elected as this edition’s SGC.

A wide range of Greek-themed initiatives will be held throughout the week to enrich both the scientific and social programme of the conference and give all Symposium delegates the chance to have in-depth insight into the waste management practices and advances of the SGC. We will take this occasion also to learn more about Greek culture and its traditions, ancient history, culinary specialities.

To encourage broad participation in the conference, all Greek delegates are entitled to a special discounted fee amounting to € 700 + VAT 22%. Details on registration are available at

The programme of the SGC will include the following activities:

  • Opening lecture on "Waste management issues in Greece" delivered by Prof. Evangelos Gidarakos (Opening session, h. 9:00)
  • Greek coffee during the coffee breaks on Monday and Tuesday
  • Demonstration of the preparation and tasting of tzatziki and dakos, two traditional Greek specialties, during the coffee breaks on Wednesday
  • Workshop on "Waste management in small islands" (Session F12, h. 11:10)
  • Demonstration of the preparation and tasting of chalva and kserotigana, two traditional Greek sweets, during the coffee breaks on Thursday
  • Greek music and dance demonstration by the dancing team of the Technical University of Crete during the event on Monday and Thursday evening
  • Greek dance lessons on Wednesday and Thursday - Please contact the registration desk for details
  • Farewell Ceremony for retiring: Prof. Evangelos Gidarakos, on Friday afternoon.