Exxro Srl

Founded in Genoa in 1996, the company Exxro S.r.l. carries out service activities in the environmental field with the aim of safeguarding the environment.

Exxro is specialized in the realization of the following plants:

  • Reverse Osmosis plants with flat membranes technologically advanced for the treatment of leachates of municipal solid waste, for the treatment of industrial wastewater and for the treatment of marine waters for the production of drinking water
  • Ultrafiltration plants using both flat membranes and hollow fiber membranes for the pre-treatment of industrial waste water and for the treatment of gray water and sewage in the naval and civil fields
  • Nanofiltration plants with flat membranes for the treatment of industrial waters and specifically for the elimination of sulphates from waste water

In recent years, it has established itself as one of the most important Italian companies in the field of purification of leachate of solid urban waste and industrial liquids.

Legal and administrative office:
Lungobisagno Istria 14
16141 Genova, Italy
Tel. +39 010 8196544
Fax +39 010 8372213
Email: info@exxro.com
Website: www.exxro.com
Salita Bocchettina 3F-3D
16162 Genova Bolzaneto, Italy
Tel. +39 010 7454888
Technical office: tecnico@exxro.com
Purchase office: acquisti-impianti@exxro.com
Service: service-impianti@exxro.com