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UPDATED ON 30/04/2023

Messineo, A. Picone, D. Ticali, M. Volpe - IT

Hydrothermal carbonization of waste biomass as a sustainable technology for the recovery of energy and valuable carbonaceous materials

Walburn, I.D. Williams - UK
Macro-, meso- and micro-plastics around an iconic chalk river: distribution, abundance, types and potential sources

I.D. Williams, P. Shaw - UK        
Workshop: What is the future for public communications about waste?

A. Omer - UK
Promotion and implementation of bioenergy for a better environment

O.A. Lavrichshev, V.E. Messerle, A.L. Mosse, G. Paskalov, M.N. Orynbasar, A.B. Ustimenko - KZ
Plasma-chemical processing of agricultural waste: numerical analysis and experiment

Kenk, M. Kriipsalu, K. Kerge - EE
By-product and end-of-waste technologies', policy implications and management decision triggers for sustainable and circular use of bioresources across agriculture, forestry, and aquacultur

Lee, B. Sang, T. Ohm - KR
Numerical study on the design of solid refuse fuel for power plant and its combustion characteristics

T. Gisbert FR
Dealing with unexpected Waste during the implementation of civil works: A case study highlighting technical, legal & safety aspects

O. Kassim, O.O.D. Afolabi, C.L.P. Thomas - UK
Integrated conversion technologies for sustainable agri-food waste valorisation

U.J. Chiwetalu, C.B. Offor, J.N. Ugwu - NG        
Comparative study of biogas produced from poultry droppings, pear leaves and a combination of both materials

H. Stipanovic, A. Tischberger-Aldrian - AT
Classification of plastic waste packaging multilayer films using handheld near-infrared (NIR) spectrometer

E. Sygula, A. Bialowiec - PL
Wooden waste-derived biochar as a source of volatile organic compounds emission

M. Hejna, A. Bialowiec - PL
The emission of volatile organic compounds from municipal solid waste derived fuel

Madden, N. Florin, S. Mohr, D. Giurco - AU
General approach for estimating kerbside waste collection distances based on statistical analysis with limited data at varying spatial scales

J.E. DeVoy - US         
Environmental and gendered health effects of post-consumer textile waste

L.S. Shuraihu, M.S: Galadima, A.M. Nainna - NG        
Experimental Study on palm kernel oil extraction

A. Arias, S.M. Ioannidou, G. Feijoo, A. Koutinas, M.T. Moreira - ES          
Envisaging the  potential  of  coffee  grounds  waste  for  a  sustainable  management  and valorisationscheme

A. Ramos - PT
Considerations  on  waste  characterization  and  the  production  of  energy:  how  useful can waste be?

I. Moulay, K. Jang, J. Park, Y. Yoo - KR
Production of nano-sized calcium carbonates via biodegradable chelating-system

V. Kaplan, E. Wachtel, I. Lubomirsky - IL
Recovery of lithium and heavy non-ferrous metals from spent lithium-ion batteries

R. Gronert, C.R. Cruz - NL
The impact of the 2019 IPCC refinement on landfill methane generation modelling

Y. Zhang, D.C.W. Tsang - HK
Tailoring low-carbon cementitious materials with high GGBS incorporation for stabilization/solidification of MSWI fly ash

D.C.W. Tsang, Y. Zhang - HK
Emerging biochar construction materials towards carbon neutrality: a new strategy for sustainable waste biomass treatment

M. Pettersson - SE
Mining waste as a resource in the green transition: legal conditions for secondary extraction

W. Yu, P. Jin, S. Bian, J. Yang - CN
Insights into leachate reduction in landfill with different ventilation rates: balance of water, waste physicochemical properties and microbial community

D. Jang, J. Won, S. Kang, A. Jang - KR
Effects of different bio-carriers in moving bed biofilm reactors for high-strength nitrogen wastewater treatment

C. Schenck, C. Nell, TY. Chitaka - ZA
Disposable diaper usage and disposal practices in rural areas without waste management in South Africa

S.C. Yi, N. Meza, H. Oonk, J. Gebert - NL
Understanding nitrogen transformation using the ratio of nitrogen to argon in landfills under in-situ stabilisation

D. de la Lama Calvente, M.J. Fernández-Rodríguez, R. Borja - ES
A circular economy approach for the valorization of the invasive seaweed Rugulopteryx okamurae by integrating its anaerobic digestion to produce renewable energy and use of the digestate as organic fertilizer

W. Lee, W. Lu - HK
Public policies on illegal construction waste disposal in Hong Kong: Evaluation and enhancement

F. DeBruijn, F.J. Cañavate, M. Fajardo, X. Colom - ES
Viability of Mechanochemical devulcanization process of EPDM elastomeric waste

R. Ballestar de las Heras, S. Fernandez Ayala, F. Carrillo, F.J. Cañavate, X. Colom - ES
Storage degradation process of a biodegradable multilayer films

L. Schebek, J. Baehr, T. Hagedorn, A. do Carmo Precci Lopes, V. Zeller - DE
Waste management in the context of the Green Deal - General framework, policy instruments and ongoing developments

C.F. Andrade, A.-C. Dieudonne, J. Gebert, T. Heimovaara - NL
Mechanisms governing carbon and nitrogen pathways during enhanced waste degradation in landfill simulator reactors

S. Lee, K. Kwon, Y. Jeon - KR
Design of an optimal municipal waste treatment facilities for a sustainable waste-to-energy management

M. Balintova, N. Junakova, Y. Chernysh, P. Pavlikova - SK
Removal of sulphates from acidic solutions using ion exchange

G. Dodbiba, Y. Kim - JP
Recovery of valuable materials from spent LED light bulbs for recycling: A combined environmental and economic assessment for identifying the best treatment option

F. K. Zisopoulos, D. Schraven, M. de Jong - NL
Regenerative economics for assessing and monitoring transitions towards a circular economy

O. Johansson - SE
Must the Discourse Change? – A Review of CJEU Waste Case Law 2012-2023

R. Tomczak-Wandzel, B. Szatkowska - NO
Bio-refinery of food waste and fish sludge for valuable multiproduct generation

R. Gregory - UK
Hydrogen sulphide generation and emission in landfills: new wastes, new challenges

G. Farabegoli, A. Marrapodi, F. Minniti, F. Tatti, G. Costa, L. Lombardi, A. Polettini, R. Pomi, A. Rossi - IT
BBCircle - Assessment of a new index of circularity

K. Salvagni Heineck, L. Costa Chaves - BR
Evaluation of the mechanical and hydraulic performance of a slurry used as backfill for vertical barriers using an alkali-activated cement from industrial waste

R. Ribeiro, L. Rabelo, M. Barros - BR
Production of ecological bricks containing vermiculite and polyurethane

T. Rashwan, T. Fournie, M. Zanoni, C. Switzer, J. Torero, G. Grant, J. Gerhard - UK
Recent insights into the use of smouldering combustion for waste management

N. Fraeyman, S. Malfait, V. Duprez , E. Mortier - BE
On the complexity of the relation between the environment and human health

L. Yin, F. Han, D. Chen, Y. Hu - CN
Heat transfer characteristics of large-scale biomass particles during pyrolysis process

A. Veksha, Y. Wang, G. Lisak - SG
Hydrogen from plastic waste: Effects of feedstock composition on product characteristics

W. Alghazali, P.J.Van Geel, S. Kenny - CA
Waste stabilization in landfills located in Northern climates – A 10-year case study from the Ste. Sophie landfill, Canada

M. Coldesina, R. Casazza - IT
Flexible and cost effective solution, with real application, for monitoring a landfill

N. Ruxton - AU
Sustainable landfill design in a climate of change

D.Y. Chae, K.B. Park, J.K. Kim, J.S. Kim - KR
Pyrolysis and oxidative pyrolysis of palm kernel shells using a continuous two-stage pyrolysis process for the production of phenol-rich oil: The effect of the reaction temperature and the concentration of oxygen in fluidizing medium

U. Jenull, T. Lucyshyn, I. Duretek, A. Tischberger-Aldrian, R. Sarc, W. Ofner - AT
Material characterisation of industrial textile waste under consideration of various contaminants

X. Fu, W. P. Chan, Y. Z. Boon, V.M.P. Chin, Y. Zhao, A. Veksha, L.Y. Ge, Y. Zhou, S.A Snyder, G. Lisak - SG
Waste reduction and NEWSand generation by co-gasification of sludge and municipal solid waste in Singapore

H.J. Kim, J.W. Kim, J.S. Kim - KR
Steam gasification of waste plastic using a two-stage gasifier for producing clean hydrogen-rich syngas with active carbon

N. Sundin, M. Eriksson, L. Bartek - SE
Metabolic food waste - Hidden waste with a significant climate cost

N. Sundin, L. Bartek, M. Eriksson - SE
Testing nudging as means to reduce food waste in school catering

M. Nonomura, H. Yamakawa, T. Okayama, K. Watanabe, Y. Seta - JP
Promotion of "Use-Up Day" by local governments in Japan: influence of waste reduction campaigns on household food waste behavior

N. Sundin, L. Bartek, M. Eriksson - SE
Success factors for effectiveness - A case study of surplus food donation in Sweden

K. Nakamura, A. Matsuno, T. L. Nguyen, V. T. Nguyen, H. G. Ngayen, H. Sakanakura, Y. Isobe, K. Kawamoto - JP
Evaluation of environmental safety for recycled building materials - Dissolution characteristics of heavy metals

S. Zhang, J. Li, Q. Tan - CN
An input-output material flow analysis model for deriving the embedded plastics in China

M. Johansson, M. Pettersson - SE
Environmental law issues regarding PFAS pollution in waters around landfills in Sweden

M. Wang, X. Song, T. Jia, L. Yin, D. Chen, X. Ma - CN
Effect of plastic melting on pyrolysis process of MSW in bubbling bed

M. Eriksson, A. Sjölund, E. Svensson, C. Malefors - SE
Development of digital know as you throw tools for household food waste reduction

H. Muñiz Sierra, M. Syc, F. Meneces Fuertes - CZ
Optimization of a selective fragmentation process for the improvement of copper recovery in the incineration bottom ash fine fraction

A. Shtukaturova, M. Syc, T. Cajthaml - CZ
Assessment of the presence of hazardous components in textile wastes

M. Eriksson, L. Bartek, N. Sundin, C. Malefors - SE
Reducing waste of eggs in supermarkets - Evaluating the impact of a policy change

K. Friedrich, F. Feucht, H. Flachberger, R. Pomberger, S. Königshofer, A. Leitner, S. Heid, P. Sedlazeck - AT
Comparison of comminution aggregates regarding particle size distribution, wear considerations and specific energy efficiency for the crushing of spent refractory bricks

P. Cocozza, S. Serranti, A. Setini, G. Capobianco, G. Bonifazi - IT
Monitoring and classification of microplastics from Vulcano Island (Italy) by different spectroscopic techniques

N. Fraeyman, S. Malfait, V. Duprez, H. DeConinck, E. De Meester, E. Mortier - BE
Pathogens in solid medical waste and risk assessment for human disease

A. Hiller, K. Höfs - DE
Supercritical solvolysis - A contribution to the Circular Economy

A. Khandelwal, M. Shrivastava - IN
Rice growth and soil enzyme activities in lead contaminated Inceptisol

R. Tomczak-Wandzel, B. Szatkowska - NO
Bioplastics influence on anaerobic digestion of organic fraction of municipal waste (OFMSW)

H. Mendez - DE
The potential of sorting municipal solid waste before landfilling or incineration

R. Zocchi, G. Brevigliero, F. Arlati, A. Rodriquens - IT
Landfill leachate treatment plant for PFAS removal

L.S. dos Muchangos - JP
Estimating the emissions from implementing a semi-aerobic landfill in a massive open dump site in Mozambique

C. R. Cruz, H. Lammen - NL
Landfill stabilisation by enhaced aeration lessons learned and optimisation of the aeration

L. Izquierdo-Horna, R. Kahhat, I. Vázquez-Rowe - PE
Identification of variables related to household solid waste generation forecasting in residential areas

M. Giovannetti, G. Cordaro, D. Mazzei - IT
Automated control system for biogas extraction

G. Barina, T. Denoun, A. Trueba - FR
The upgrading of a variable quality landfill biogas to biomethane – Feedback from the operation of several upgrading units

T. Mozaffarian - IR
Zero waste culture vs waste social management: A netnographic study of zero-waste initiatives/ projects

B. Staley, S. Boxman - US
Life Cycle Assessment of curbside material recovery

M. Holosová, A. Estoková - SK
Technological parameters of the cement composite with non-traditional waste

S. D'Angiulli - IT
Riduzione dello spreco alimentare: misure di prevenzione e gestione dei rifiuti alimentari. Evoluzione normativa verso un sistema di agroalimentare “sostenibile”

A. Reichel, I. Bakas, S. Colgan, E. Dils, T. Duhoux, A. van der Linden, D. Nelen, I. Vanderreydt, A. Winterstetter, M. zu Castell-Rüdenhausen, H. Punkkinen, P. Slotte - DK
Municipal waste management - Is the EU meeting its recycling targets?

S. Setu, I.M. Rafizul, S. Berner, M. Alamgir, E. Kraft - BD
Assessment and prediction of methane gas emission by LandGEM model from open dump landfill in Khulna of Bangladesh

S. Morsali, M. Gutai, M. Castro-Díaz, M. Osmani, S. Cavalaro, P. Needham, B. Parker - UK
Cradle to grave life cycle assessment of business as usual plasterboard in UK

P. Subrata, I.M. Rafizul, M. Alamgir, S.K. Sarkar, E. Kraft, G. Biastoch, S. Setu, J.A. Saju, A.A. Noman - BD
Role of SCIP plastics project to mitigate plastic pollution in Khulna region of Bangladesh

T. Rees-White, M. Feenstra, T. Kanen, R. Beaven, J. Gebert - UK
Borehole dilution tests to measure leachate flow at a recirculation landfill

F. Wei, Q. Tan, Y. Chen, J. Li - CN
Mechanical recycling of plastic waste: a neglected source of microplastic

R. de Almeida, M. C. Lavagnolo, J. C. Campos - BR
A cradle-to-gate life cycle analysis of membrane concentrate management from landfill leachate treatment plants

L. Priya, G.K. Varghese - IN
Source apportionment of heavy metals and organic compounds at a contaminated site using Monte Carlo Analysis

N. Junakova, M. Balintova, J. Junak - SK
Reuse of reservoir sediments as a waste in the preparation of sustainable building mixtures

Y. Seta, H. Yamakawa, T. Okayama, K. Watanabe, M. Nonomura - JP
Interventions to prevent household food waste with supporting tools: Effects on awareness and food waste reduction

M.J. Enengel, S.A. Viczek, R. Sarc - AT
Reaching EU recycling targets: influence on SRF quality

N. Meza, T. Heimovaara, T. Kanen, J. Gebert - NL
Comparing modelled, recovered and produced gas in a MSW landfill under leachate recirculation

L. B. Alves, B. B. Monteiro, R. de Almeida, J. C. Campos - BR
Humic substance recovery from reverse osmosis concentrate of solid waste landfill leachate treatment

G. Bonifazi, S. Serranti, G. Capobianco, O. Trotta - IT
Plasterboard identification in Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) material using hyperspectral imaging based methods

A. Estoková, R. Figmig - SK
Study on hydration of cement composite with various industrial waste

W. Huo, R. Ye, W. Lu - CN
Strategy to enhance ethanol-driven carboxylate chain elongation by Pt@C: Process and mechanism

S. B. Tiwari, E. Weilin Wong, A. Veksha, W. P. Chan, W. Liu, X. Fei, T.-T. Lim - SG
Phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge amended with alum and ferric sludges using sequential extraction and pyrolysis

T. Lasch, K. Khodier, C. Feyerer, R. Sarc - AT
Development of an assessment method for the unambiguous validation of machine performance

S. Toyohisa, N. Fujiwara, A. Morioka, S. Nagano, S. Higuchi, K. Sato - JP
Effectiveness of sheet capping on semi-aerobic functioning at a landfill site in Japan

V. Zepic Bogataj, P. Fajs, C. Peñalva, G. Tsatsos - SI
Citrus peel waste fibres for natural cosmetic and bioplastic packaging

P. Chen, B.Steuer - HK
Analysis of recyclers’ network structures and capabilities of the recyclable collection system in Hong Kong

T. Sattler, K. Doschek-Held, F. Steindl, D. Vollprecht - AT
Recycling of mineral wool through conditioning residual and waste materials to an alternative binder component and non-hazardous mineral wool

K. Zheng, H. Wang - CN
Hydraulic and pollutant treatment performance analysis for Passive Convergence-Permeable Reactive Barrier (PC-PRB)

M. van Praagh, S. Janhäll, Joacim Lundberg, Jenny Rissler, A. Rundegren, Adam Larsson - SE
Dust emissions and deposition during construction works with recycled MSWI-bottom ash

Y. Tan, Z. Wen - CN
Historical evolution analysis of China embodied plastics footprint from 2002 to 2017

M.K. Manu, D. Li, J.W.C. Wong - HK
Circular economy of food waste digestate composting

B. Rutrecht, T. Nigl, R. Pomberger - AT
Zero Waste - Chances and risks of (not) applying zero waste strategies and the importance of measuring sustainability in the recycling sector.

C.K. Vidanaarachchi, B. Dearman - AU
Landfill gas lateral migration management: case study

S. Schmidt, D. Laner - DE
Environmental waste utilization: an LCA-based indicator for waste management systems

A.M. Fredenslund, M. Edjabu., C. Scheutz - DK
Methane and nitrous oxide emission factors for windrow composting of garden waste in Denmark based on ground-based remote sensing measurements

R. Lisi, M.F. Milazzo - IT
Isotopic investigations for the characterization of a site contaminated by the presence of a closed landfill of municipal solid waste. A case study

S. D'Haene, S. Pensaert, D. Mosca - BE
Remediation by landfill mining of the Slettebakken landfill in Bergen, Norway

N. Quist, F. van Raffe, R. Comans - NL
Three landfills, six treatments, sixteen landfill simulation reactors

V. Leppälä, S. Vanhamäki, K. Manskinen - FI
Promoting separate collection of biowaste through citizen engagement

N. Quist, F. van Raffe, R. Comans - NL
Vertical heterogeneity of organic matter in the pore water of a municipal solid waste landfill subject to leachate recirculation

F. van Raffe, N. Quist, H. Lammen, R.N.J. Comans - NL
Sustainable landfill management in the Netherlands: long term changes in landfill leachate quality during (an)aerobic in-situ stabilization

D. Konkina, H. Flachberger, H. Schwarz - AT
Development of recycling production line for PVC from cable scrap

S.G. Arhin, A. Cesaro, F. Di Capua, G. Esposito - IT
Lactic acid production from mixed food waste via anaerobic fermentation: Effect of environmental conditions on yield, selectivity, and metabolic pathway

G. Preda, F. Crociati, M. Neri, L. Savigni, E. Bosi - IT
The role of regulatory evolution on the reduction of leachate production in landfills during post-operational phase management

D. Laner, I. Vateva, M. Laabs, B. Middendorf - DE
Processing routes for municipal waste incineration bottom ash as a substitute for aggregates and binders in concrete

S. Dworak, A. Happenhofer, B. Hartl, E. Hofmann, V. Kladnik, B. Rehwald - AT
Workshop: Wastes in public spaces - Discussing framework conditions to tackle a neglected potential

D. Laner, V. Bisinella - DE
Workshop: Identifying environmentally robust waste management strategies in view of material and energy system transition

G. De Feo - IT
How an innovative environmental education program can help the waste management sector

T.H. Christensen, S. Schmidt, D. Laner, A.S. Varling, V. Bisinella - DK
Future challenges in waste LCA

T. Hagedorn, A. Lopes, J. Baehr, S. Sahel - DE
The practical use of a digital product passport - development of an application-friendly tool for e- waste decision support

M. van Praagh, J. Jennerheim, C. Marburger, M. Hansson, Edith Hammer - SE
Effects of urban contaminants and reclaimed materials on soil functions

A. Kumar, S.S. Chouhan, A. Kumar, N. Kumar - IN
Litter monitoring in developing countries: classification using computer vision

L. Preite, G.P.C. Tancredi, A. Paini, G. Vignali - IT
Development of a simulation model to carry out technical-economical analysis of a food waste valorisation process

S. Chen, F. Yang, J. Liang, S. Liang - CN
Phosphorus recovery from Phosphogypsum leachate using flow electrode deionization technology

L. Kandlbauer, R. Sarc - AT
Opportunities from sensory retrofitting in mechanical waste treatment plants -Real time quality determination via digital material flow monitoring

M. Salih, I. Azimova, L. Gabrielsson - SE
Health impacts of open dumping in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

D. Gamble, S. Mason-Jones - AU
Challenges in delivering essential waste infrastructure in NSW, Australia

L. Luo, J.W.C. Wong - HK
New insight into autogenic pressure on solid-state food waste fermentation

G. Viti, A. Randazzo, S. Venturi, F. Tatàno, F. Tassi - IT
Attenuation of volatile inorganic and organic compounds in landfill cover soils treated with sewage sludge and landfill leachate

M. Šyc, E. Korotenko, J. Jadrný, T. Baloch, P. Mašín - CZ
Material recovery in waste-to-energy fly ash treatment

S.F. Sales Junior, G.F. Araújo, D.M. Bila, R.A. Hauser-Davis, T. Saint’Pierre, G.L. Costa, M.E.O. Oliveira, C.E.T. Parente, F.V. Correia, E.M. Saggioro, C.F. Mannarino - BR
A comprehensive assessment of leachate contamination at a non-operational open dumpsite: mycoflora screening, metal soil pollution indices and ecotoxicological risks

K. Khodier, A.L. Krabichler-Mark, I. Werner, A. Rizvan, Y. Varsh - AT
Efficient calibration of discrete-element-method simulations for waste applications using particle sensor data and artificial intelligence

H. Yamakawa - JP
Municipal policies for promoting household plastic recycling in Japan

F. Molema, H. Geusebroek, R. van Wijhe - NL
Assessment of the durability of Dutch landfill covers, a case study of Bavel

S. Malinconico, F. Paglietti, S. Bellagamba, P. De Simone - IT
New technologies for asbestos destruction in Europe

C.C. Guimarães, A.M. Barbosa, L. Guireli Netto, E.S.R. Bezerra - BR
Assessment of the landfill mining potential in inactive landfills in the State of São Paulo, Brazil

L. Moreschi, M. Gallo, A. Del Borghi, G. Perotto, E. Gagliano - IT
Valorisation of biowaste in the production of plastic trays in a circular economy perspective: environmental assessment through a life cycle approach

C.C. Guimarães, F.M.R. Almeida, M. Iocca Jr., F.P. Manéo - BR
Strategies for selective collection of recyclables and environmental education in small cities: a case study in Brazil

C. Olscher, F. Part - AT
An innovative process for designing safe and sustainable epoxy-based composites for automotive and aerospace

P. Wens, E. Wille - BE
H2 injection in organic landfills for production of green natural gas

E. Polat, M.S. Akca, M. Altinbas - TR
Change in algal biomass productivity in raceway ponds with enhanced mixing under anaerobic digestate

V.V. Kafarov, A.F. León-Esteban, L.V. Carreno-Villareal, S.P. Pena-Ruiz - CO
Technological ROADMAP to minimize the enviromental impacts generated by plastic waste related to COVID-19. Case study The Bucaramanga Metropolitan Area, Colombia.

E. Polat, E. Ertural, M.C. Canoglu, B. Özkaya, M. Altinbas - TR
Electricity generation from anaerobic digestate using algal based microbial fuel cells

R. Zocchi, G. Chiesa, F. Arlati - IT
INDECO 4.0: from landfill gas to bio-LNG production

J. Gutberlet, A. Azevedo, L.M. Honorato, C. Pottier, S.A. Dias, S.G. Dias, A. Baeder - CA
Waste picker rights and social inclusion: the creation of a university with knowledge democracy

A. Lopes, T. Hagedorn - DE
Closing material loops through optimized communication among stakeholders of the circular economy: an example from the chemical industry

P. Kjeldsen - DK
Workshop: How to improve the LFG management in Europe to meet the Methane Pledge reduction target for 2030

P. Zidan, E. Ritter - BR
Detecting leakage through geomembrane lined ponds in landfills

G. Hafner - DE
Method development for the provision of basic data for material and substance flow analyses in waste management

A. Stringfellow, R. Beaven, T. Rees-White, T. Kanen - UK
Installation of a vadose zone monitoring system for tracer testing in a municipal solid waste landfill subject to leachate recirculation

A. G. Bindu, Aswathy E. V., G. K. Varghese - IN
Depositions from air on soil present an efficient forensic tool to establish past air pollution incidents

P. Rodrigues, R. Rodrigues, F. David, N. Melo, E. Soares - PT
Food waste collection versus food waste disposers: the case study of a Portuguese city

V. Scheff, G. Dürl, D. Laner - DE
Composition, characterization and mechanical processing of compost oversize fraction from biowaste treatment plants

R. Sabatini, F. Nogueira, V. Colliander - BR
Zero Waste schools in Brazil - Implementing Zero Waste practices in the context of Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of Autonomy

V. Scheff, G. Dürl, D. Laner - DE
Efficient thermal utilization of compost oversize fraction: processing steps for the improvement of fuel quality and combustion behavior 

C. Scheutz, P. Kjeldsen - DK
The Danish Biocover Initiative - Background, monitoring and status

N. Proietti, T. Thorbjornsson - IS
UAV-based whole-site methane emissions quantification at Reykjavik landfill site

G. Hafner - DE
Monitoring and reduction of food waste by using the RMFood-App - Project A2UFood (Heraklion)

F. van Raffe, N. Quist, R.N.J. Comans - NL
Vertical heterogeneity of contaminants in the pore water of a municipal solid waste landfill subject to leachate recirculation

T. Okayama, K. Watanabe, H. Yamakawa - JP
Which food parts are considered edible and should be included in food waste reduction targets

K. Watanabe, T. Okayama, H. Yamakawa, M. Nonomura, Y. Seta - JP
Development and investigation on an effective intervention method with a 'nudge' factor for reducing avoidable food waste from households

F. De la Cruz, I. Titaley, J. Field, M. Barlaz - US
Characterization and quantification of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in landfill gas from U.S. Landfills

N. M. Lanzarini, I. Federigi, R. M. Mata, M. D. N. Borges, E. M. Saggioro, L. Cioni, M. Verani, A. Carducci, J. C. Moreira, C. F. Mannarino, M. P. Miagostovich - BR
Quantitative risk assessment of gastrointestinal illness due to Human mastadenovirus exposure to waste collectors

V. Kladnik, S. Dworak, T. Schwarzboeck - AT
Public waste - A case study of a medium-sized city in Austria

B.J. Ramaiah, D. Bansal, S. Vijayaraj, G.V. Ramana, M. Datta - IN
Dynamic properties of municipal solid waste incinerated bottom ash from two plants in Delhi, India

Z.L. Kanmacher, R.G, Zytner, E. Short, A. Yochim, R. Vaillancourt, D. Lake, B.R. Nelson., Y. Dulac, A.R. Cabral - CA
Resilience of passive methane oxidation biosystems treating fugitive methane emissions in closed landfills: A case study

H. Wiesinger, Z. Wang, C. Bleuler, R. Pasquettaz, P. Favreau, V. Christen, M. Langer, S. Hellweg - CH
Legacy chemicals get recycled into PVC products

O. Mathlouthi, A. Nassour, M. Trabelsi - TN
The global methane pledge and the waste sector - MBT scenario to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the municipality of Bizerte, Tunisia

S. Stegenta-Dabrowska, P. Telega, M. Dworniczak, E. Sygula, M. Bednik - PL
Effective GHG mitigation from composting with the use of biochar from compost

S. Gulshan, H. Shafaghat, H. Yang, W. Yang, P. Evangelopoulos - SE
Performance evaluation of ex-situ catalytic pyrolysis of WEEE fraction

C. Ratti, B.J. Lotesoriere, C. Bax, L. Capelli - IT
Towards real-time monitoring of odour emissions from waste treatment plants: a case study

J. Gebert, N. Meza, C. Cruz, H. Lammen - NL
Assessing efficiency of landfill aeration by full scale carbon mass balancing

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Sonali Bag TM: The Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Alternative to Single-Use Plastic Bags

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Agricultural-wastes, sustainable resources for nanocellulose production

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Reusing nitrate-rich wastewater as a moisture conditioning agent during composting increases total nitrogen content of compost product by increasing nitrate

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