CISA Publisher

CISA Publisher is an imprint of Eurowaste Srl, a small specialised Company developed to manage communication and education tools (conferences, seminars, training courses) in connection with research activities performed in the field of environmental engineering by the University of Padova.

Since 2005 Eurowaste has set up a collaboration with IWWG – International Waste Working Group, established in 2002, following a world-wide demand, to serve as a forum for the scientific and professional community. The aim of IWWG is to provide an intellectual platform to encourage and support economical and ecological (integrated and sustainable) waste management, and to promote scientific advancement in the field.

Eurowaste periodically organizes some of the main Conferences promoted by IWWG such as the Sardinia Waste management and Landfilling Symposium, the Venice Energy from Waste and Biomass Symposium and the SUM Urban Mining and Circular Economy Symposium.

CISA Publisher represents the Eurowaste section dealing with transfer to the media (books, reports, textbooks, CD, etc) of the wealth of information accumulated throughout activities performed by the University of Padova (in particular in the field of Waste management and Contaminated site remediation) and by IWWG and member scientists.

via Beato Pellegrino 23
35137 Padova, Italy