Bioprocess Control Sweden AB

Bioprocess Control is a technology provider in the area of advanced instrumentation and control technologies for research and commercial applications in the biogas industry. The company brings to market more than 16 years industry leading research and development in the area of instrumentation, control and automation of anaerobic digestion processes.

Bioprocess Control offers a portfolio of smart instruments in the area of substrate analysis and process simulation, which allows the company to offer technology solutions that can both stabilise and unleash the true potential of a biogas plant. While conducting biogas research, having reliable and accurate data is fundamental. Whether you are working at a university, public or private research laboratory, you can rely on Bioprocess Control’s instruments to provide extremely accurate and precise testing of biomethane, biogas, and biohydrogen potential, specific methanogenic activity, biodegradability study, as well as simulations of continous biodegradation processes. Bioprocess' unique testing instruments are compatible with most international and regional test protocols. They achieve top marks for accuracy thanks to a standardisation of not only temperature and pressure variations, but also data logging, interpretation, presentation and reporting. In this way, most human errors likely to occur with manual testing methods are avoided. Overall, Bioprocess' testing instruments meet the highest demands for data quality in modern research.

Today Bioprocess Control has products export to more than 40 countries with customers from both industrial and academic sectors around the world.

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