Best Paper Awards 2019

Six Best Paper Awards were assigned during the Symposium and delivered to recipients in occasion of the Gala Dinner.

John Pacey Award - Award for the best paper on landfill gas management
In memory of Professor John Pacey, who took part in our Symposia several times and won the award "A Life for Waste" in 2005 for his great experience in landfill geotechnical work, with specific focus on landfill gas and lining evolutions.

Winner: Methane emissions from Icelandic landfills – A comparison between measured and modelled emissions
C. Scheutz, A. Kjeld, A. M. Fredenslund (DK)

Luigi Mendia Award - Award for the best paper on waste management policy
In memory of Professor Luigi Mendia, University of Naples, one of the firts scientists to begin the research in the field of sanitary engineering in Italy.

Winner: Politicians, the press and the public: can they give us sustainable waste management?
H. Robinson (UK)

Kriton Curi Award - Award for the best paper on developing country waste management issues
In memory of Professor Kriton Kuri, Bogazici University, Istanbul, one of the main international experts in appropriate technologies for waste management in developing countries.

Winner: Blurred lines: agricultural production on the margins of a dumpsite in Blantyre, Malawi 
M. Kalina, E. Tilley, F. Ali, W. Woodenberg, B. Reimers, C. Trois (ZA)

Giovanni Bozzini Award - Best Italian paper award
In memory of Professor Giovanni Bozzini, University of Pavia, one of the Italian pioneers in the waste management research.

Winner: Combined treatments for improving the leaching behaviour of the mineral fraction of waste incineration bottom ash in view of recycling
R. Spagnuolo, G. Costa, L. Lombardi (IT)

Alberto Rozzi Award - Award for the best paper on biological treatment
In memory of Alberto Rozzi, Professor of Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Milan, one of international leading researchers on anaerobic digestion.

Winner: Implementation of dry anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge in small and medium WWTP
J.E. Sanchez-Ramirez (ES)

Best Poster Award
A poster presentation is a high effective medium for a direct communication with all interested delegates on specific topics. Posters are evaluated on the base of the quality of the contents reported and the quality of visual presention itself.

Winner: Rehabilitation of landfill site by “Fukuoka method“ in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Y. Matsufuji, S. Hoshino, T. Mito, A. Tachifuji (JP)