"Waste to Photo" - Photography competition

Photography is a powerful means of communication, of visual expression, as well as an extraordinary form of art available to all and capable of evoking emotions, portraying social transformations, denouncing serious situations or acting as a testimony to important changes.
This year the Organising Committee of Sardinia 2015 has opted to launch a new initiative, "Waste to Photo", a photography competition open to all and focused on the Symposium delegates, with the specific aim of recreating a scenario representing the global situation with regard to waste and landfill.
The most significant shots will be used to illustrate the differences, the contradictions, the difficulties, progresses, and more besides, encountered by this complicated issue in a series of contexts throughout the world, ranging from the developing countries to the more industrialised nations.
Accordingly, a photography exhibition will be set up using the best shots selected by the Organising Committee. The winning photo will be declared and a prize awarded during the Symposium Gala dinner.

Ph.credit: Rem Kwan

1. Means of participation
The competition is open to all and is intended to focus largely on delegates and authors taking part in Sardinia 2015. One or more photos taken by the delegate may be entered. All photos will be examined and judged by the Organising Secretariat.
The thematic areas for the competition are as follows:
- Waste and Society
- Waste and Art (creative reuse, sculptures, etc…
- Waste and Resources: use of new materials, original methods of reuse and recycling, etc…
- Waste and Urban transformations: wastewater management, state-of-the-art landfills, uncontrolled dumps, functional recovery of landfills, etc…
- Waste and Architecture: buildings for waste collection, transfer stations, landscaping of old landfills
- Waste and Nature

2. Type of photos and requirements 
Photos may be taken using analogic (film) or digital cameras (including mobile phone cameras).
Both colour and black and white photos may be submitted. Each contestant may submit a maximum of 3 photos. Digitally edited photos will be admitted as long as the original photo has not been modified. Scanned images of original shots taken by the author may be submitted.
A title and brief explanatory text should be provided for each photo.
The minimum quality requirements (minimum size of the smaller side 2000 pixel) should be met (the Organisers reserve the right to accept lower resolutions if deemed appropriate).
Images submitted should have the following characteristics:
• jpg format with minimal compression (i.e. highest quality)
• 300 dpi resolution
• the file name should contain the name and surname of the author, the title of the photo and the progressive numbering of images (for those submitting more than one image)

3. Submission and publication
Photos should be submitted electronically to the e-mail address info@sardiniasymposium.it no later than the deadline of August 31st 2015.
The winner will be declared and a prize awarded during the Symposium Gala Dinner.

4. Acceptance of Rules & Regulations 
All delegates wishing to take part in the Competition should agree to unconditionally abide by the rules and clauses listed in the present Regulations. 
The rights and intellectual property rights for the images will remain with the authors who, free of charge, agree to authorise Eurowaste srl and Cisa Publisher to use the photos submitted to the competition for the following purposes: printing of a catalogue or other informative material, publication on the websites of the aforementioned companies, and on the Symposium website, use on social media sites relating to the competition, and to be exhibited and or presented during displays relating to the Symposium.
All delegates shall assume responsibility for the items and people depicted in their work, and the Organisers shall not be held in any way liable for the contents therein. The contestant should notify any human subjects photographed as provided for by Article 10 of Law 675/96 and subsequent amendments established by Legislative Decree 196 dated June 30th 2003; moreover, if the images concerned contain data that may be deemed sensitive and/or personal, the contestant should likewise obtain consent to circulate the images. Additionally, submission of images by contestants is based on the assumption that the author is in possession of a release note should the persons, items or buildings photographed be subject to photographic restrictions.
As stated previously, all personal data provided at the time of photo submission will be used for the purpose of the competition and participation in the latter is based on the assumption that authorisation for the handling of personal data has been provided.

For all further details please contact: info@sardiniasymposium.it