Waste to Photo 2017

More than 100 photos were received this year to enter the second edition of Waste To Photo, the photo contest connected to the Sardinia Symposium. The competition, open to all, aimed at recreating a scenario representing the global situation with regard to waste and landfill. 

Our panel of judges, which included members of the organizing and scientific teams, chose the winning photo based on how well it exemplified the entry requirements.
In addition, the most significant shots were used to set up a photographic exhibition to illustrate the differences, the contradictions, the difficulties and progresses encountered by this complicated issue in a series of contexts throughout the world, ranging from the developing countries to the more industrialized nations. 

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who participated in our contest and helped make it a success. And special congratulations to Mr. Timothy Bouldry who won the € 300 Gift Card First Prize.


Timothy Bouldry, US - First prize

In Nicaragua, most dumpsites are unregulated and open for entry. They usually have a community attached to the dump where parents and children wait for the trucks so that they can have first pick of the recyclables. This photograph was taken in Leon, Nicaragua where there was a recent fire that set all the trash ablaze including the little sorting plant they attempted to create in an effort to formalize jobs for the “waste pickers” or informal recyclers. Sites like these occur from lack of funding, incorrect budgeting, corruption and/or neglect. This dumpsite is called El Relleno or “The Fill” and it is one of hundreds of unregulated sites in Latin America.

Timothy Bouldry photographs, explores and educates people about open dumpsite activity and the communities living from them. He works with activists, scientists, environmentalists and humanitarians to help create cases for governmental powers to understand the changes these places need. He currently resides in Nicaragua where he is photographing and running scholarship programs for kids living at these dumpsites.

Plese click here to download the full reportage on Waste to Photo 2017.